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This improved unit has multiple grease outlets on a flat base with an outlet selection chamber and adjusting shaft mechanism that concentrates the grease to the internal section of the bearings that require greasing, thus eliminating waste that originates from the former singular outlet located centrally and minimising the time it takes to grease the fitted bearing.

Optimising the use of lubrication and minimising waste is paramount in the Lubricating process. This product optimises the time it takes to lubricate the Bearings, minimises the grease required through concentrated greasing and Eliminates waste.


  • Even lubrication of bearing
  • Bearing size range: 15mm id – 150mm id (max 200mm od)
  • Grease waste elimination with bearing size selection and enabled filling visibility
  •  Grease contamination elimination
  • Multiple bearings in a single greasing application
  • Concentrated greasing
  • Minimised time required to grease bearing(s)
  • Standard 1/8” grease nipple
  • Operates in conjunction with the Pumprite manual range of grease pumps
  • Robust construction
  • Quick and easy lubrication of a wide range of bearings
  • Fluids handled: grease up to NLGI-3
  • Simple clamp system
  • 1 year warranty – please note general terms and conditions



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